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From 1945 to 1994, the U.S. Army's Berlin Brigade / Berlin Command / US Army in Berlin served in the city of Berlin, Germany. The Berlin Brigade served at the tip of the Cold War spear for almost fifty years. Along with members of the British, French and Soviet Forces worked together to not only maintain the peace but ensure that agreements reached at the end of WORLD WAR II were enforced to ensure that the horrors of that war would never, ever be repeated.

During that time in histor, the Soldiers and Airmen that served as part of the most prestigious and unique unit in the history of the United States Military. Those that served in Berlin performed their unique Duty with True Honor, Valor, Dedication, and Professionalism.

This website is dedicated to every man and woman that served in West Berlin from 1945 to 1994.
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The second work fiction by Owner, Webmaster, and Podcast Host: David G. Guerra.

AIR BRIDGE BERLIN is the second book in the OCCUPIED BERLIN series.
From June 1948 to May 1949 the Soviet Union in an attempt to starve and freeze the western sectors of Berlin into submission enacted the BLOCKADE OF BERLIN. All road, rail, and water access to the French, British and US sectors of Berlin was sealed shut. Nothing was getting into the city of Berlin, except by way of three air corridors between West Berlin and the West Germany. Food, Fuel, Medicine, and other much needed supplies were being flowing in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for almost the entire Soviet Blockade of Berlin. As the life sustaining cargo was being flown in, nothing was supposed to be flown out, except empty cargo planes. However, something was getting out and a US Army Corporal and Young Berliner work together to ensure that something evil doesn't tag along on those rides to the west.
AIR BRIDGE BERLIN (Book 2 of the OCCUPIED BERLIN series) (to be published May 12, 2014)
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UPDATED 01/26/14
UPDATED 02/27/14
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