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4th Battalion 18th Infantry
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NAME Arrived DEROS Email Comments CO/Unit
Bob Bevan 5/30/1963 5/20/1965 Bevanfam [at] yahoo.com A
Burton Schorr 2/1/1971 4/1/1972 burt_schorr [at] sbcglobal.net Training NCO A
Darrell Martin 5/1/1970 11/1/1971 droaringlamb [at] gmail.com A
David R. Coffman 10/1/1967 5/1/1969 Raysipse [at] AOL.com A
Edward H. Boyle, Jr. 2/1/1971 4/1/1972 ehboylejr [at] wmconnect.com A
Emerson Shipe 3/14/1971 4/15/1972 yereckon [at] innova.net Wpns Plt. 81 MM mortars A
Fred H Van Peer 3/20/1967 11/14/1968 dutchman2 [at] cox.net A
Gary Baxter 10/1/1963 2/1/1965 mlb7731 [at] aol.com A
Gregory Barrows 1/4/1972 7/29/1974 gwb1018 [at] yahoo.com Mrtr Plt Also A/4/6 A
Gustav Person 8/8/1970 10/23/1971 poetlorriott1 [at] verizon.net A
Harold Gene Fager 8/1/1969 9/20/1970 homeloansbyharold [at] yahoo.com A
James P Davis 3/21/1971 2/20/1972 jimmar [at] prodigy.net A
Jerry Lee 9/1/1966 2/1/1968 hobopatches [at] yahoo.com A
John Cooper 9/1/1969 1/1/1971 jo2coop [at] yahoo.com A
John Eldred 10/1/1967 5/1/1969 jeldred [at] sas.upenn.edu weapons plt./81mm mtr A
John Ellegood 9/1/1969 12/1/1970 jwellegood {at} aol.com A
John L. McDaniel 7/1/1965 10/1/1967 john.l.mcdaniel [at] us.army.mil A.M.U. & Honor Guard & B Co. A
Joseph Liebell 9/1/1966 2/1/1968 jliebell [at] aol.com A
Kelly R Aldridge 9/1/1967 9/25/1968 joeyaldridge [at] bellsouth.net A
Larry R. Cardinal 7/21/1961 8/7/1964 mypalistigger [at] yahoo.com A
Latham T. WInfree 1/3/1969 7/30/1970 twinfree [at] nmsu.edu A
Lawrence A. Cariato 7/6/1969 2/20/1970 kathyandlarry [at] aol.com A
Leo Dunbar 10/1/1967 5/1/1969 dunbarleo [at] gmail.com Company Armorer A
Michael Almer 9/1/1967 6/1/1968 michaelalmer [at] sbcglobal.net Weapons Plt./ 106mm recoilless rifle A
Richard Wilson 5/26/1971 1/25/1972 rfwmmw [at] hotmail.com A
Stephen McDonald 11/1/1969 4/1/1971 smcd [at] email.com A
Thomas Fisher 8/1/1966 2/1/1969 TFibrdog1 [at] aol.com A
Walter S. Breitweiser 10/1/1966 12/1/1966 wsb1274 [at] yahoo.com A
Wesley C Brim 4/1/1965 5/1/1967 sarge.1 [at] comcast.net mortar platoon. I also was at Berlin Brigade Honor Guard  A
William Carter 1/1/1964 1/1/1966 linda.carter [at] mygait.com Weapons Platoon 81mm Mortar A
Bernard Born 9/12/1969 3/2/1971 bernieborn [at] hotmail.com B
Bill Young 1/1/1969 8/7/1971 pcso412 [at] yahoo.com B
Bobby C. Stutsman 6/4/1972 1/15/1975 bcs453 [at] yahoo.com also B/4/6 B
Clarence Bennett 1/1/1968 1/1/1970 soften 49802 B
Cornelius N. Austin 9/15/1969 9/10/1972 pastornick [at] aol.com Squad Leader B
David L. Baker 3/12/1964 10/30/1966 d_baker45 [at] hotmail.com BB Honor Guard & ACA B
Don Rea 7/10/1969 11/10/1970 sir.rea [at] gmail.com B
Gerry 'Sully' Sullivan 4/1/1968 10/1/1969 gsullbus [at] aol.com B
Howard Smith 7/1/1968 8/1/1970 d6a6d6 [at] aol.com B
Joe H. Ledesma 4/20/1972 10/19/1973 mcnairbarracksvet [at]  gmail.com 81mm Mrtr B
John Draney 6/1/1966 3/31/1969 jldraney3 [at] msn.com B
Lewin Newsome 9/1/1966 9/1/1968 Beaux412 [at] yahoo.com B
Lonnie V Pecor 9/1/1967 3/15/1969 Lvpecor [at] aol.com B
Paul Croshaw 10/1/1967 1/1/1969 pablocroshaw [at] yahoo.com B
Peter W. Liander 1/1/1966 1/1/1968 rednail47 [at] aol.com B
Ray A. Hollenbeck 12/17/1971 7/6/1973 fuzz [at] mtaonline.net also 2/18Inf B
Richard Dietrich 10/1/1966 4/18/1968 rldietrich [at] msn.com B
Richard Dietrich 10/1/1966 4/18/1968 rldietrich [at] msn.com SGT E-5, Squad Leader B
Robert S. Hay 7/1/1970 8/1/1971 Spyder47 [at] yahoo.com B
Robert Vasquez 6/7/1968 12/28/1969 robert_vasquez [at] sbcglobal.net B
Ronald R Brauer 10/1/1966 5/1/1967 ronchong [at] bellsouth.net B
Spears, Michael 2/1/1968 8/1/1969 mspears12 [at] hotmail.com B
Wayne S. Robisheaux 6/5/1970 12/17/1971 agacoral [at] msn.com B
Al Perez 6/1/1968 12/19/1969 altriman [at] msn.com Wpns plt C
Allen Terry 3/11/1969 12/19/1969 allenrayterry [at] myway.com C
Brent Eskew 7/20/1969 2/23/1971 29brent [at] gmail.com 4th battalion 18th Infantry C
Cary Dawkins carydawkins47 [at] yahoo.com 4/18th Inf. then 1st Infantry Div. Vietnam. C
Covie Langford 9/1/1967 9/1/1968 covie [at] planttel.net C
Dennis Detweiler 5/19/1971 1/19/1972 detsolon2 [at] webtv.net C
Don Vickery 7/25/1969 2/23/1971 vickeryl [at] msu.edu C
Frank Kahofer 6/1/1968 12/1/1969 frankiediemond2 [at] aol.com 2plt supply driver&HHC recon C
James J.  McKenna 1/4/1964 11/15/1966 Jimousa [at] aol.com C
John (Jack) H. Thomas 11/1/1967 12/1/1968 mompopthomas [at] comcast.net C
John Crocker 1/1/1968 1/1/1971 Jwc1273 {at} yahoo.com Weapons Plt C
Kevin Sassaman 12/15/1971 6/15/1974 kks117 [at] hotmail.com also in 4/6 C
Luther M Townsend 10/1/1965 3/1/1967 LOUT7489 [at] cablelynx.com 1SG C
Mike Nichols 10/1/1967 2/24/1969 mikes71nova [at] hotmail.com Wpns Plt/ 81mmMortar C
Norm L. Ryder 4/8/1964 9/18/1967 Genr5555 [at] aol.com C
P. Cary Dawkins 5/6/1966 10/1/1968 BIGREDONE1968 C
Ralph Brock 5/13/1967 2/7/1968 Bigstik53 [at] aol.com Transferred to Bde Hq Feb 68 C
Ralph E Brock 4/1/1967 4/1/1969 bigstik53 [at] aol.com C
Richard R. Deam 12/1/1969 2/1/1971 dick.deam [at] id.ngb.army.mil C
Robert Stephens 12/1/1971 7/1/1974 DSTEPHENSW [at] AOL.COM 1st Plt C
Thomas Lee 11/1/1966 6/1/1967 tplees48 [at] msn.com C
Arthur T. Windt Jr. 4/2/1972 3/4/1974 sfcwindt [at] yahoo.com RedEye Plt CSC
Jim Willis 10/20/1971 10/15/1974 jimwillisathome [at] comcast.net PLDR C & CSC CSC
Arthur L. Swanson 9/30/1969 6/30/1970 ARSWANSO [at] DOL.STATE.NJ.US Recon HHC
Bill DeSoto 2/25/1962 10/18/1963 andydesoto [at] aol.com HHC
Bill Gansen 6/12/1969 1/14/1971 goosegans [at] hotmail.com assigned to S4 at McNair Barracks HHC
Bruce Baker (Creature) 8/1/1969 1/1/1971 JBBVBaker [at] msn.com HHC
Charles Echols 12/20/1971 11/5/1972 lifer93 [at] yahoo.com HHC
Charlie Headdress 5/21/1971 11/28/1972 ckheaddress [at] yahoo.com 11C40 HHC
Dale Wanner 8/1/1970 1/1/1972 dale.wanner.1 [at] hotmail.com PIO HHC
Dave Olson 11/1/1970 12/1/1971 miner_dave99 [at] hotmail.com Commo HHC
David A. Nash 1/8/1968 6/19/1969 dnash.2  [at] earthlink.net Commo Plt HHC
David E Boyer 2/25/1971 5/20/1972 heyboyer [at] hotmail.com HHC
David House 9/1/1964 2/3/1967 yellowowl [at] panhandle.net HHC
David Townsend 9/1/1969 1/1/1972 dltlouky [at] juno.com S4 HHC
Dennis Bouley 5/8/1970 7/28/1971 denandcarole [at] yahoo.com HHC
Erik Gustav Molbach 1/1/1965 9/1/1967 emolbach [at] mac.com started with B Co. then S4 Ration Breakdown Clerk HHC
Fred Black 5/1/1967 12/1/1968 fvjjb [at] plantationcable.net Redeye Platoon HHC
Gary L. Stanley 8/12/1969 1/11/1972 garystanley [at] sspud.net 4.2 Mortar Plt HHC
Gary Walk 10/15/1970 1/15/1972 gwalk1 [at] cox.net Recon HHC
Gerard F. Cusick 4/1/1965 4/16/1968 cusickjerry [at] gmail.com Recon Platoon HHC
James Beech 2/1/1972 6/6/1977 dachu [at] millry.net support HHC
Jeff Leaman 1/1/1965 12/1/1966 rrsafety1 [at] msn.com Drove trucks and APC HHC
Jerry Bryson 10/1/1965 1/1/1966 jrbryson [at] charter.net 4/18 HHC
Jim Amundsen 3/11/1967 6/6/1968 jamunds [at] clemson.edu HHC
Jim Garner 7/12/1970 12/27/1971 jgarner [at] suncor.com Clerk for LTC Howard HHC
Jim.Amundsen 2/15/1971 7/30/1972 jamunds [at] clemson.edu HHC
John 6/12/1964 11/12/1967 joking [at] gte.net Recon HHC
Jon Peterson 1/14/1963 9/1/1965 cabanapete1 [at] gmx.com Communication Plt HHC
Kenneth S. Cruz 7/4/1965 12/11/1966 kennethcruz45 [at] yahoo.com APC/2 1/2ton Driver HHC
Larry Peavy 1/1/1967 12/1/1968 alpbia [at] yahoo.com BN Mail Clerk HHC
Leon L Talpalar 4/10/1969 3/10/1970 Lt4cor [at] aol.com HHC
Michael L. Wollard 8/1/1966 11/1/1967 shermcca [at] hotmail.com Message Center HHC
Mike Hurrel 1/21/1970 12/8/1971 mikeee52 [at] hotmail.com Commo HHC
R. Todd Slanker 6/14/1969 2/1/1971 slanker [at] att.net Drvr for LTC Baxter/LTC Howard HHC
Ralph H. Nye 8/31/1964 2/10/1966 rhandmenye [at] comcast.net Company Clerk HHC
Richard Lathrop 1/1/1971 3/1/1972 richardlathrop [at] hotmail.com Commo HHC
Richard Morin 1/1/1962 1/1/1964 Buick1977richard [at] gmail.com HHC
Richard R. Bradley 2/1/1965 1/1/1966 tunnellrat25thinf34cav [at]  yahoo.com also A/2/6 HHC
Robert Francis 3/1/1966 6/1/1967 rlfranc )at( comcast.net HHC
Robert Willig 9/1/1969 8/1/1970 chawk101 [at] comcast.net Recon HHC
Robert.Wood 8/1/1964 2/15/1967 boho1010 [at] hotmail.com HHC
Rodney Hood 1/1/1965 1/1/1968 bigrod1946 [at] hotmail.com S-3 and 4.2 mortar HHC
Rodney Ingraham 1/25/1966 7/27/1967 ripi [at] pwless.net APC/ support platoon HHC
Ronald Whetstone 12/29/1963 6/23/1966 rwhetstone [at] hotmail.com HHC
Steven Nelson pastor_stevenelson [at] yahoo.co.uk PLEASE UPDATE DATES OF ARRIVAL & DEROS HHC
Will Keen 4/1/1969 5/20/1970 wkeen [at] netins.net Driver & Trng NCO HHC
William Boyer 8/21/1966 12/21/1967 waboyer [at] yahoo.com HHC
William Dietz 4/5/1969 5/6/1970 just000me [at] aol.com 4.2 Mortar Plt HHC
David.Allen 11/1/1971 7/1/1975 dallen [at] pmp.org unk
Jess Shannon Davis 12/1/1968 9/1/1970 sdavis7692 [at] aol.com unk
John.Anderson 7/27/1968 7/26/1970 nukerb [at] raex.com unk