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B Company 4th Battalion 6th Infantry
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Andy Auspitz 6/10/1972 2/1/1973 a_ausp --at-- hotmail.com
Arthur L. Weisenberg 4/25/1978 10/8/1981 artweisenberg --at-- yahoo.com 2nd Plt
Ben Kaplan 1/1/1983 9/1/1985 bkapv2 --at-- yahoo.com Weapons Sqd. 60 Gunner
Bill Coffman 9/1/1977 9/1/1980 coffman5821 --at-- gmail.com Training NCO
Bill Downey 2/12/1982 2/14/1984 bjd34 --at-- prodigy.net 90mm Weapons Squad
Bob Margerum 2/14/1973 8/5/1975 brezze19731 --at-- hotmail.com 3rd herd machine guner weapons plt
Brent A. Coffey 10/1/1977 10/1/1979 brentramona --at-- frontiernet.net
Charles D. Woods 1/1/1974 6/1/1978 cdwoods2004 --at-- sbcglobal.net
Clifford Clayman 1/1/1972 5/1/1974 clcsr --at-- live.com 81mm mortar Plt & B/4/18
D. Shields 2/1/1980 4/16/1986 dfjserah --at-- yahoo.com
Dale E Cisco 7/7/1977 7/1/1983 mech_troop --at-- hotmail.com Mrtr PLT
Dale Massey 9/1/1980 5/14/1983 Dale_shannon --at-- hotmail.com 90mm gunner 60 and morters.Fire for effect
Dale Roy 4/1/1982 4/1/1986 dalewroy --at-- hotmail.com B/4/6 (82-84) & HHC/6/502 (84-86)
Dave Speener 7/4/1973 5/14/1974 peoria1 --at-- gmail.com Mortar Plt
Del Shumate 10/21/1979 10/21/1981 mspeedbuggy2007 --at-- peoplepc.com
Don McPeck 3/17/1982 9/17/1984 mcpuck86 --at-- aol.com Mtrs
Greg Blauser 1/12/1981 1/12/1983 gblauser1960 --at-- comcast.net Wpns Sqd 1 plt M60 gunner
Harry E Fales 9/1/1957 1/1/1960 michael.hayne --at-- nbc.com 4 Plt
Harry J. Drake 10/1/1976 4/1/1979 harryjdrake --at-- yahoo.com Weapons squad, 90/M60 gunner
Henry Grady cook III 9/1/1982 5/19/1984 gradioc --at-- webtv.net Driver/RTO
Hershel Stowell 3/1/1979 11/15/1980 xlor82 --at-- aol.com
Jerry Bazzell jerbobaz --at-- msn.com PLEASE UPDATE DATES OF ARRIVAL & DEROS
Jim Garrett 10/1/1972 11/1/1976 james.ronald.garrett-- -at--- gmail.com
Joe H Ledesma 4/20/1972 10/19/1973 mcnairbarracksvet --at-- gmail.com 81mm Mortar
John Fitzgerald 6/20/1975 12/18/1978 jfitz261 --at-- gmail.com 3rd Plt - 3rd Sqd/Wpn Sqd & HHC
John Geoffrey 1/1/1982 1/1/1985 jcgeoffrey --at-- yahoo.com
Johnny Webster 6/2/1980 6/5/1983 johnnywebster --at-- bellsouth.net Squad Leader
Kent Siegel 7/1/1974 8/30/1975 kentsiegel --at-- ameritech.net
Kevin Danforth 8/1/1980 10/10/1983 ktdan1 --at-- msn.com 2nd Plt
Kirk Douglas 1/1/1983 3/1/1985 kdouble01 --at-- yahoo.com 2nd plt Dragon,M-60,90 Gunner
Kirkendall, Richard (Rick) 5/1/1982 5/1/1984 richard.kirkendall --at-- va.gov
Larry Bezemer 12/1/1974 2/1/1976 lbezemer --at-- cableone.net Arms Room
Larry Brennecke 6/15/1982 12/22/1983 PLEASE UPDATE EMAIL ADDRESS
Leonard Ligon 5/5/1973 8/8/1978 PLEASE UPDATE EMAIL ADDRESS 3rd Plt Wpns Sqd
Marc Brewton 8/1/1980 8/1/1982 mbrewton --at-- comcast.net Rifleman/M-203 Grenadier
Martin Jacob 1/1/1983 8/1/1984 martinj725 --at-- yahoo.com
Martin Russell 9/1/1981 2/1/1983 the2russells --at-- mindspring.com
Melvin Neely 7/1/1975 2/12/1979 neelymdn --at-- yahoo.com
Michael Pierce 8/16/1978 11/15/1980 piercemm2 --@ -- msn.com Mortar PLT
Patrick Brady 2/6/1982 7/31/1984 patrick_brady --at-- hotmail.com WPNS Sd, 2nd Plt 90mm gunner
Peter l. Laforce 12/5/1976 6/11/1979 plaforce --at-- tampabay.rr.com 90mm Gunner 1st Plt.
Ray Hollenbeck 12/1/1971 7/1/1973 fuzz --at-- mtaonline.net
Robert Ness 9/1/1982 10/1/1984 cuffs565 --at-- yahoo.com
Robert Rajewski 3/11/1984 12/6/1985 bravo6502 --at-- comcast.net also in 6/502 after redesignation
Roger L. Martin 8/23/1982 8/21/1984 Martrog --at-- live.com also in 6/502 after redesignation
Shane Smith 9/1/1982 5/1/1984 shanesmith572 --at-- sbcglobal.net 1st Plt
Stephen Arbogast 7/25/1977 1/10/1980 sja_ski --at-- yahoo.com I played the M60 in 1st Platoon
Steven Barrett 12/1/1976 9/1/1979 rocket95 --at-- verizon.net 3rd Plt
William Downey 2/1/1982 2/1/1984 bjd34 --at-- prodigy.net 90mm for life