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CS Company 4th Battalion 6th Infantry
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Art Oberlechner 8/1/1975 8/1/1978 saddleup19 --at-- yahoo.com
Arthur Windt 4/22/1971 2/4/1974 sfcwindt --at-- yahoo.com
Bill Mitchell 12/1/1973 6/1/1975 wtmitchell --at-- verizon.net
Bob Flynn 1/1/1972 9/1/1974 bfly0928 --at-- aol.com
Bruno Cossu 12/1/1976 12/1/1979 bcossu --at-- juno.com 4.2
Charles K. Headdress 5/1/1971 11/28/1972 ckheaddress --at-- yahoo.com
Clifford S. (Steve) Cos 11/1/1973 2/1/1977 texstevec-- AT --aol.com
Craig Jorgenson 10/22/1978 10/23/1980 cr_jorgenson755946 --at-- yahoo.com 4.2 mortar platoon
Dave Moreland 5/10/1978 6/5/1981 Lawrence.Moreland --at-- us.army.mil Scout Tm Ldr
David Pascoe 3/12/1979 7/1/1981 Freedad56 --at-- yahoo.com 4.2 Mortars
Don Courtney 3/15/1975 1/4/1980 dgcourt --at-- academicplanet.com
Donald G. Thomson 8/31/1972 11/1/1973 don --at-- judgethomson.com
Doug Bottalico 4/1/1981 3/1/1983 dbottalico --at-- bellsouth.net Scout Plt
Douglass Knight 10/1/1982 7/1/1984 rtlionheart1191 --at-- yahoo.com 60-gunner
Edward "PJ" James 9/9/1977 2/28/1980 mastersergeantj --at-- sbcglobal.net Recon Plt
Frank Allen Hudspeth 1/1/1976 10/1/1978 frankndeb_94 --at-- yahoo.com TOW
Frank Myres III 9/1/1977 1/1/1980 QuietMrE --at-- yahoo.com 4.2 Mrtrs
Garry Lowrance 10/1/1971 5/10/1974 garryocpd --at-- att.net Recon Plt
George Hicks 1/1/1972 9/1/1974 gph3245 --at-- yahoo.com Ant.Tank Plt.
Grant S. Jackson 12/9/1971 1/9/1974 bravooneone --at-- aol.com Recon plt
Greg Smith 2/2/1972 8/31/1974 gregsmith --at-- wrca.com
James Detwiler 5/1/1975 12/1/1977 Catfish290415351 --at-- aol.com Scouts
Jan R Nelson 10/1/1980 10/1/1983 jannelsonjp8 --at-- yahoo.com
Jeffery R. Gobey 1/30/1977 12/30/1980 jefferyrobertgobey@gmail.com REDEYE
Jim Willis 10/20/1971 10/15/1974 jimwillisathome --at-- comcast.net PLDR C & CSC
Jim Joyce 2/15/1973 9/20/1975 Amvet1954 --at-- Roadrunner.com Sct Plt Medic
Jimi Moore 1/1/1982 12/1/1983 Buelligan --at-- ymail.com
John (Steve) Gomez 7/11/1977 10/15/1979 stevegom --at-- woh.rr.com
John D. Dixon 1/1/1976 1/1/1979 jdzorro --at-- aol.com Scouts
John F Rego Jr 8/26/1976 2/15/1981 jrego --at-- na2.us.ml.com Scouts / DICI
John Horton 1/1/1975 1/1/1977 horton11195 --at-- verizon.net TOW & NBC
John Rego 8/26/1976 2/15/1981 jrego --at-- aol.com Recon - Wall Patrol
Karl Grover 2/6/1973 8/29/1975 turkey2_52 --at-- hotmail.com Anti-Tank Plt
Kenny Collins 12/29/1977 6/20/1979 ssh_f --at-- yahoo.com
Kurt Geswender 1/15/1973 8/10/1976 kurtg --at-- cableone.net Recon
Lee Rials 9/21/1974 9/21/1978 adamhaddam --at-- yahoo.com
Marc Leone 11/5/1982 11/3/1984 marc.leone --at-- yahoo.com Tow Platoon - TRNG NCO
Mark Burnley 4/1/1976 11/15/1978 wheat6090 --at-- msn.com Redeye
Matt Dugener 6/1/1978 6/1/1980 dugener --at-- house.uvm.edu TOW Plt
Michael Broadway 5/1/1984 8/1/1986 dondeladondon --at-- yahoo.com best times
Mike O'Neill 1/1/1972 6/1/1974 onemik --at-- iwon.com Redeye
Mike Ram 6/28/1977 1/3/1980 mram --at-- giftcertificates.com
Paul E. Gutierrez Sr. 11/15/1978 10/20/1980 paulgetie --at-- yahoo.com
Peter "Volar" Hausman 1/12/1972 8/11/1974 petehausman --at-- yahoo.com
Phillip Davis 11/2/1976 3/1/1979 davphi29 --at-- hotmail.com Scouts
R. Stephen Skinner 7/1/1973 8/1/1974 blue7252 --at-- aol.com
Richard Lee 5/1/1977 12/27/1980 rick-lee --at-- t-online.de Recon
Robert Roach 3/1/1973 7/1/1977 roachr2 --at-- yahoo.com
Ron Taylor 4/1/1982 4/1/1984 rtaylor --at-- co.douglas.ga.us
steve 1/3/1978 6/16/1982 sclyness --at-- msn.com great times
Steve Harrison 5/5/1975 11/18/1976 saharrison5015 --at-- bex.net Recon
Steve Lyness 1/2/1978 6/16/1982 sclyness --at-- msn.com
Steven Klauk 12/1/1975 8/1/1977 sklauksr --at-- yahoo.com Scout Plt
Terry Rafferty 10/10/1979 10/10/1981 zennatmsn.com I was also in Berlin 5/502nd Inf 1989-91
Theodoro M Trujillo 11/1/1972 6/1/1976 ttrujillo47 --at-- gmail.com TOW PLT and A Co.
Thomas LaBarge 3/15/1976 2/15/1979 labarge504 --at-- verizon.net TOW Platoon
Timothy D. Smith 2/18/1983 10/28/1985 ssoldierboy64 --at-- aol.com Anti-Tank PLT
Timothy 'Dale' Newell 6/1/1981 7/1/1983 tdnewell61 --at-- gmail.com Recon / B Co. 4/6 and 6/502 to 7/1986
Trey Anson 10/1/1982 10/1/1983 trey --at-- advancereadymix.com
Victor Cordova 12/1/1973 6/1/1977 vic_cordova --at-- yahoo.com Scouts' Eyes & Ears
William Rodriguez-Kroeger 7/11/1977 1/26/1980 kroegerii --at-- aol.com TOW Plt