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Angel L. Camacho Martinez 5/2/1982 11/20/1985 acamacho36 --at-- cfl.rr(dot)com
Anibal R. Rivera 7/1/1987 7/30/1990 rey.rivera --at-- prodigy(dot)net CSB (6/40th Armor Bn) SigOfcr 87-90
Arthur Salguero, Jr. 6/15/1988 6/15/1991 art_salguero --at-- hotmail(dot)com ADA Plt Ldr, HSC XO
Carroll Falterman Jr 1/20/1987 2/5/1989 fsunascar --at-- yahoo(dot)com ADA Plt
Cheri Krupka-Ferguson 11/23/1991 11/22/1993 cheri_ferg --at-- yahoo(dot)com
Chris 6/14/1993 7/15/1994 chris_hazell73 --at-- hotmail(dot)com Chem Plt
Chris Grose 4/15/1986 9/25/1989 sportshound3855 --at-- hotmail(dot)com
Chris Woodruff 10/28/1988 6/14/1991 cjwood --at-- ptd(dot)net ADA PLT
Dale M. Long 4/26/1983 4/25/1986 DLong1505 --at-- comcast(dot)net
Daniel Gonzales 5/18/1987 5/18/1989 SFCTOPDAWG --at-- AOL(dot)com ADA PLT
Darren Heisler 12/1/1985 7/1/1987 dkmheisler --at-- aol(dot)com ADA PLT
David A Sousa 4/1/1991 9/1/1995 nvraiderfan --at-- me.com also 287 MP
David Esparza 1/30/1974 7/30/1976 digitalclick --at-- hotmail(dot)com
David Irizarry 7/1/1986 7/2/1988 jaen12004 --at-- yahoo(dot)com ADA PLT
David Majdanski 1/9/1982 12/5/1984 djmajdanski --at -- yahoo.com Transportation Division: Duty Train Commander/Motor Pool Officer
Donald Moffett 6/9/1971 6/5/1972 dmoffett --at-- mdmgs(dot)com Special Troops
Edward (Sam) Schuster 1/1/1973 1/1/1976 samschuster --at-- yahoo(dot)com HHC
Edwin Toledo 3/3/1988 6/21/1991 edwintoledo --at-- gmail(dot)com 43rd Chem DET Co
Eric Ehrhart 12/27/1983 12/19/1985 enehrhart --at-- aol(dot)com ADA
Frankie Canady 12/1/1992 6/1/1994 fcanady357 )at( hotmail.com
Gordon D. Weith 5/1/1992 7/1/1994 weith8 --at-- aol(dot)com
Hershel Don Yancey hdyancey1 --@--- comcast.net Battalion Chaplain
Hugh P Cunningham 1/5/1982 12/12/1985 hughsan --at-- earthlink(dot)net
James Day 1/1/1982 3/25/1987 vatexan02 --at-- yahoo(dot)com
Jeffrey R. Johnson 2/8/1972 2/8/1975 jjjohnsonbeatle --at-- gmail(dot)com Special Troops
Jim Donahue 2/1/1973 9/1/1974 donahue124 --at-- gmail(dot)com Lifeguard at Recreation Center Pool
Joanne Edwards 6/1/1986 6/1/1988 j_c_2706 --at-- yahoo(dot)com H&S Commo
Joe Beranek 7/1/1977 8/1/1980 zulu6334 --at-- hotmail(dot)com
John Michel 2/10/1988 1/7/1992 micheljohn --at-- hotmail(dot)com
John C. Kennette 1/1/1977 1/1/1980 chriskennette --at-- yahoo(dot)com Trans Div/ RTO/ Airport Liason
Jonathan Scott Huddleston 9/1/1985 1/1/1989 jonathan.huddleston --at-- edwards.af.mil
Joseph Pauline 1/1/1987 12/1/1988 bozo194 --at-- aol(dot)com ADA Plt
Keith Nelson 9/1/1985 9/1/1988 kmn58 --at-- aol(dot)com Co.Cmdr
Kenny Goza 4/1/1989 8/1/1990 kennygoza --at-- hotmail(dot)com
Kevin Bulifant 9/21/1985 3/5/1987 kbulifant --at-- verizon(dot)net ADA Platoon
Kimberlee Braswell 8/5/1990 7/29/1993 ktbras07 --at-- gmail.com
Mark Jenkins 1/4/1987 5/30/1990 mark737jenkins --at-- yahoo(dot)com ADA Plt Ldr 87-88 / HSC XO 89 / AsstS-3 89-90
Michael Champion 6/1/1984 7/1/1987 surgpa-- AT --yahoo.com also 6/502 & AVN DET
Michael Redinger 6/8/1984 4/15/1987 m_redinger --at-- hotmail(dot)com
Michael Ryan 4/15/1991 8/15/1994 Michael_W_Ryan --at-- hotmail(dot)com
Michael.Hume. 12/19/1977 12/10/1980 berlinerbears --at-- aol(dot)com Weapons Specialist HHC
Paul Phil Mills 5/1/1988 7/15/1991 paulmills069 --at-- hotmail.com ADA Plt
Paul Stinson 10/1/1986 10/1/1988 mistral_e39 --at-- yahoo(dot)com
Rhonnie C. Thompson 2/22/1993 6/15/1994 rhonnt --at-- milretireeinfo.5u(dot)com 1SG HSC & Mtr Sgt Echo Btry, 320th FA,
Richard David Coleman 3/1/1987 3/1/1990 rdavidcoleman --at-- yahoo(dot)com
Richard Gamble 3/1/1987 6/1/1988 AC7RT --at-- hotmail(dot)com 43rd Chem DET
Ricky Johnson 3/1/1972 5/15/1974 rjohnson2 --at-- mcshi(dot)com EOD Section Ammo Br
Roger Hewitt 7/6/1982 7/5/1985 rlhewitt45 --at-- yahoo(dot)com
Scott Towne 2/1/1991 2/1/1993 townesa122 )at( att.net
Shirleyann (Pynn-Cook-Garcia) 11/1/1980 8/1/1984 pynnhead --at-- verizon(dot)net
William Halbritter 11/1/1988 11/1/1992 BillHalbritter --at-- msn(dot)com